OUR MISSION IS TO HELP SNEAKERHEADS by empowering retailers.

Copdate works hand in hand with our retailer partners to take the stress out of big release days. 

RSVP: First in line. No camping.

Copdate places the lineup in the palm of your hand and makes it easy to cop the most anticipated sneaker releases from shops in your city without dealing with the lines, bots, resellers, or other uncertainties of big release days.

Just create an account, select your city, and follow your favorite shops to receive real-time notifications as soon as reservations open. Just tap to launch the app and you can reserve your spot for a hassle-free experience on release day!

Keep in mind that quantities are always limited and reservations are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you’ll still have to act fast when you receive the notification to secure your reservation. Just be quick and you can be first in line to cop your pair on release day without having to camp out!



The massive resell market and dizzying social media hype surrounding sneaker releases have taken on epic proportions, turning virtually every drop into a chaotic mess with the vast majority of customers losing out and ending up empty-handed on release day.

Holding raffles for hyped releases has become standard practice these days…however entering and managing them can be a time-consuming and logistical headache for both the customer and the shop.

Whether you’re going store to store leaving your personal info in a shoebox, or spending countless hours searching social media feeds for ways to “repost image and tag two friends” to win the chance of purchasing a pair, the system is far from ideal.

Copdate streamlines the raffle process, making it painless and seamless for both the shop and the customer.

Shops can use Copdate to send you List Notifications for certain releases. Simply launch the app to enter with a couple of taps. You’ll receive a confirmation right on your device and the shop will receive your entry, sizing, and contact info in real time.

List winners will then be individually contacted with instructions on how to claim their pair.

As with the RSVP Reservation system, our goal is to take the stress out of big release days and to make the process of copping as fair and as easy as possible for everyone using Copdate.


What we don’t do

Copdate does not handle purchase transactions on behalf of the participating retailers, nor does it allow users to purchase products early or ahead of the launch date.

Copdate is a reservation system that places the lineup in the palm of your hand, allowing you to secure your spot so that you can be “first in line” on release day to pick up and purchase your product hassle-free.