Copdate allows you to reserve your spot in order to cop the most anticipated releases hassle-free.

The sneaker game is broken.

 For the vast majority of sneakerheads, trying to cop a pair of limited or high heat shoes is an extremely stressful and frustrating experience. Whether it involves camping out in front of a shop or constantly refreshing a browser window for hours on end, the chances of losing out to a bot or a well-connected reseller are unfortunately par for the course these days.

Welcome to Copdate.

We’re here to take the stress out of big release days and make the process of getting your pair as fair and as easy as possible.

Retailers use Copdate to send you push notifications when reservations for upcoming releases become available. You will then have the opportunity to either ‘Cop’ or ‘Drop’ in order to confirm your reservation. Remember to act fast if you want to cop since quantities are limited and reservations are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Once you have your Copdate reservation number, simply show up on release day at the specified time and walk right in to pick up and purchase your product. Hassle-free!

Coming to your city soon.

 We’re launching in a few select cities to start, but will be expanding into more cities and adding more shops soon.

Our goal is to give true sneakerheads the best opportunity at copping their pairs hassle-free by making Copdate the new standard for retailers worldwide.

We’re always on the lookout for great retailer partners. If you’d like to suggest a shop in your city, just drop us a line!